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Monday, June 25, 2012

Why all these games?

I have to admit - as a student, I don't particularly like playing games in class. I'm one of those "boring" people who are really happy to work on their own with a book or worksheet, and would hate to have to run around the classroom competing in "games". Also, before coming to Thailand, I taught one-on-one adult ESL classes in companies - not many opportunities to play these types of games there! So a lot of my teaching activities consist of worksheets and other, less "physical" tasks. I love creating worksheets, and as a student I liked completing them. But in this blog, I haven't included any of my ESL worksheets. Why? Mainly because (LOL), I don't know if it's possible to attach a worksheet to a blog entry. If you know how it's done, please let me know!

So... why all these move-around, silly games? Because my students asked for them. I really, really appreciated the group that one day came to me, and kind of shyly said, "teacher, please give us more games. We're getting bored!" I love it when students do that - tell me what they would like, what would go with their needs and personalities. So I did my best to start including games, and I had the best two terms of my life with that lovely, lively, eager group. Most of the games in this blog came from that group. They challenged me, they inspired me - and guess what - I started enjoying games! Now I can't imagine teaching a class without sprinkling games in as we go along. No games? How boring!

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